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All about Compressing Files

First of all, the software Winrar exists which can be downloaded for free from the web for almost any version of windows operating system and can be used instantly to compress files. It can also compress a folder of file(s). But you have no control over how reduced the size will be. Winrar will do it automatically as it is configured to do so.

If your operating system is windows, sending a file to a compressed zipped folder is another option to compress a file but you do not have to download anything. It comes handy with the operating system and you just have to right-click on the file you want to compress and select send to compressed zipped folder.

If you do not like the above two ways, you have the option to reduce files to your desired size by Adobe Photoshop or using the special feature of file size reduction of adobe acrobat reader.

These are all good choices for compressing files. You just need to make the right choice for your particular task. Sometimes you will need to experiment a few trial and error runs until you are comfortable with one way.

If you have varying tasks which require varying ways of file compression/size-reduction, you will really need to find the right solution for you by testing them out in your spare times or assigning the task to one of your subordinates or assistants.

As technology advances, I am sure much more user-friendly options for file compression/size-reduction will develop and then you would not require to test to find the right solution all the time but on the contrary, there will be just the optimal solution and you can use it to your advantage all the time.

With the growth of technology, as life becomes more comfortable, the level of security you can impose on your files becomes challenging. You will not only want to compress your files conveniently but also send them safe and sound without leakage over the web. That is why it is preferable to send password-protected files and/or encrypted files. But then the question arises whether it is always possible or convenient to apply these methods or some other solution needs to be developed.