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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Use 3D Pen

First of all, a 3D pen is somewhat like a glue gun. The plastic filament of the pen heats up and forces the plastic to get out of the tip. And the melted plastic can be used to draw anything that you may want. As soon as the melted plastic comes out of the pen, it begins to cool down fast giving the desired shape of the object.

3D Pens and Filaments

Creating plastic models with this type of pen is an affordable hobby. You can buy a pen along with the plastic filament of different colors for not more than $100. But if you can afford to spend a bit more, we suggest that you go for the 3D Simo Mini, which is a great choice for professionals.

As far as investing in the plastic filament goes, you may want to make sure that the filament is flexible and durable. If you are a beginner, we suggest that you go for the PLA filament.

Getting started

You need to consider a couple of things prior to getting your 3D pen ready for the work. First of all, you need to set the temperature of the pen keeping in mind the plastic type. It’s a good idea to go through the filament guide that came with your 3D pen.

Now, you should put the plastic into the container of the pen and then hang on until the temperature goes up. Typically, it takes around one minute. Once the pen is heated up, you can press the button to let the plastic flow out. You can then draw your desired object.

Things you can create with this pen

With these pens, you can make 3D plastic objects. Aside from this, you can use this pen for adding decorative designs to different objects, such as vases. Moreover, you can use these pens for modifying and repairing 3D printed stuff.

2D sketches and 3D drawings

The simplest way of creating 3D drawings is through 2D sketches. Then you can use the pen for extruding plastic paintings on it. Since this process is simple, we don’t need to talk a lot about it. With practice, you will be able to use the pen well.

All about Compressing Files

First of all, the software Winrar exists which can be downloaded for free from the web for almost any version of windows operating system and can be used instantly to compress files. It can also compress a folder of file(s). But you have no control over how reduced the size will be. Winrar will do it automatically as it is configured to do so.

If your operating system is windows, sending a file to a compressed zipped folder is another option to compress a file but you do not have to download anything. It comes handy with the operating system and you just have to right-click on the file you want to compress and select send to compressed zipped folder.

If you do not like the above two ways, you have the option to reduce files to your desired size by Adobe Photoshop or using the special feature of file size reduction of adobe acrobat reader.

These are all good choices for compressing files. You just need to make the right choice for your particular task. Sometimes you will need to experiment a few trial and error runs until you are comfortable with one way.

If you have varying tasks which require varying ways of file compression/size-reduction, you will really need to find the right solution for you by testing them out in your spare times or assigning the task to one of your subordinates or assistants.

As technology advances, I am sure much more user-friendly options for file compression/size-reduction will develop and then you would not require to test to find the right solution all the time but on the contrary, there will be just the optimal solution and you can use it to your advantage all the time.

With the growth of technology, as life becomes more comfortable, the level of security you can impose on your files becomes challenging. You will not only want to compress your files conveniently but also send them safe and sound without leakage over the web. That is why it is preferable to send password-protected files and/or encrypted files. But then the question arises whether it is always possible or convenient to apply these methods or some other solution needs to be developed.

Getting PC to Speed Up

• Limited space-when downloading things from the internet most people will store it on the hard drive. If there is too much stuff on the hard drive it will slow your computer down. Delete any software programs, entertainment media files, and games that you no longer use and are just taking space on your hard drive. Once this is done your computer will be faster.

• Get rid of temporary files-there is generally a lot of unwanted stuff that is stored in your cache memory so make it a habit to delete all of the temporary files, history of websites you visited, and cookies at least once every two weeks. All of these unnecessary files can take up a lot of space on your computer. To use these slow computer solutions go to your Start Menu and select run. In the box there type (%temp%). This will show you all of your temporary files. You can select and delete what you want.

• Repair your windows registry-approximately ninety percent of all slow computer problems are because of window registry errors. Here there is a track record of all of the software found in your computer. With your frequent downloading people tend to pitch in many software entries that are unwanted resulting in a slow computer. You can increase your computer’s performance by using a registry cleaning program.

Fixing Computer Problems

• After a power outage-there are many sudden power outages, spikes, and voltage problems that can damage a computer. The damage can cause many software and technical snags along with interrupting your work. This can lead to damage to the hardware, loss of data, etc due to a sudden power outage. The solution is to use an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). It can provide a constant flow of energy to your computer even if there is a sudden power outage. It will give you enough time to save your data and if needed, to shut down the computer.

• Slow down of computer performance-when you notice that your computer is slowing down a lot and it seems to take a long while to execute a simple command it could be due to your computer being loaded with fragmented data, unnecessary files, spyware programs, corrupted registry, etc that makes your computer slow down. The computer solution to this problem is that you need to delete any unnecessary software and data that you do not need or not using, and learn to manage your programs. When you clean your registry regularly it can boost your computer performance speed by thirty percent.

• Fuzzy images are displayed on your computer monitor-the monitor is the display unit of a computer that is very sensitive to electro-magnetic radiations. These types of radiations are transmitted from the radio, microwaves, television, dishwashers, etc. Mobile phones also transmit this electro-magnetic radiations, which is one of the main cause to have your monitor display fuzzy images. Your computer solutions to this problem is to move the disturbances away from the monitor